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GSD is a Home Improvement Company based in Portland, Maine. We specialize in painting, carpentry, landscaping, and snow plowing


House Painting Tools

Home Improvement

Painting, Carpentry, Wood Replacement, Staining

Man Mowing Lawn

Additional Services

Landscaping & Snow Plowing

Home Improvement

We have a wide array of home improvement services! Ranging from small interior rooms to large exterior involving wood replacement!

Paint Supplies

Interior/Exterior Painting

Need Paint?

Whether your exterior is faded and peeling or your rooms are 80's color themed we can help!

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Additional Services

In addition to home improvement work we also offer snow plowing and landscaping services!

Lawn Mowing


No time for landscaping...

We offer


-Lawn Maintenance



Shovelling Snow




Cant keep up with the snow?


Give us a call for our snow plowing services this winter!